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A little introduction

love romantic bath candlelightI used to think that massage was just a luxury, soft and fluffy, something that fancy people treated themselves to to help them relax. Those kinds of treatments can be SO amazing, and just thinking about it – I could really do with some relaxation, but I have since learnt that there is more to it.

Before starting my studies I had received 2 massages. I don’t know if they were relaxation or remedial. I just know I was terrified of getting naked, although I was appropriately draped, for someone I didn’t know to touch me with oily hands.

One of the two massages I received the therapist left me in the middle of the treatment to answer her phone, I was to realize later how unprofessional that was. These 2 experiences didn’t really give me an accurate idea what massage, especially remedial massage, was all about.

There were a couple of reasons I decided to study my Diploma of Massage, but one of the main reasons was to help me better understand my own pain and discomfort. Once I got started, I was completely amazed with the human body, all that it was capable of and how massage could help everyone SO MUCH. I was totally hooked, and in love.

Once I had that qualification, I then became a Course Coach at Q Academy Massage College and have taught there since, both at the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast campuses. I also went on to learn 3 levels in KaHuna Bodywork, I completed an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy, and also learnt some Cosmetic Acupuncture.

I truly believe in the effectiveness of Massage and Myotherapy in treating so many different ailments. I myself found positive changes from just receiving relaxation massage and now use both Massage and Myotherapy to help manage the chronic pain I have in my right leg, along with exercise. I have also seen some truly amazing results achieved in some of my clients. It’s not just the treatments, it’s the human body wanting to work as it was intended.

And that’s what I do, and why I do it – To help your body heal itself.



The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton