Treatment Basics

Below are a few treatment basics to help you receive a safe, full and positive treatment experience:

When to arrive

To get the most out of your initial treatment experience, I encourage you to arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your treatment time. This will allow time for you to relax, complete your health history form and prepare appropriate draping prior to your treatment.

What happens if I’m late

Arriving late will simply limit the length of your massage or myotherapy treatment and unfortunately lessen your time spent on the table. Treatments will always finish as scheduled in order to not delay and inconvenience the next client.If you know you are going to be late for an appointment please call or text asap so I know you are still coming.


There is street parking available as well as parking located off street, outside of the gated complex.

Medical Conditions

Please inform me of any health concerns you may have when making your booking and when completing your health history form. This will allow me to devise a suitable treatment plan for your specific needs. Some treatments may be contraindicated due to certain medical conditions, pregnancy or medications you may be taking.You may also be asked to seek prior approval from your health care practitioner before your appointment if you are undergoing medical treatment.


Second trimester in your pregnancy is the safest time to enjoy specific massages. You  can relax and enjoy relaxation treatments, specific remedial treatments and myotherapy.

Treatment Tips

Please keep your valuables at home. Ladies with long or shoulder length hair, please remember to have your hair tied up away from your shoulders or bring a hair tie with you.I also suggest not eating a large meal too soon before your treatment so as not to feel uncomfortable while receiving your massage.